Abigail BrookeStreet/hip hop Dance Teacher

Abigail Brooke

Abi started dancing at Whiteside’s School of Dance as a little three year old and from an early age showed huge potential.

As a teenager she decided she wanted to take her dance training further and successfully gained a place at several dance colleges.  Abi chose to train at Centre Performing Arts College in Rochester where she has been hugely successful and her flair for street and hip hop has flourished.  In 2016 she returned to become our new street teacher.

She brings a funky young feel to all our street classes and the street/hip hop is now at an incredible standard.  Boys take part in the junior street classes and Abi continues to have a great relationship with all her pupils.

In 2017 Sarah & Abi formed Konnect and Konnect Minis – our two street competition teams. Abi is the dynamic choreographer for these teams and her drive and enthusiasm has brought the teams to a really high standard.

Abi therefore remains a huge part of WSOD and continues to enjoy giving something back to her old school!


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