FAQ’s: Enrolment, Uniform & Online Shop

Parents always have lots of questions when deciding on dance classes for their children. We have tried to answer most of them here but please contact us if you need any more information..

  • How much do the dance lessons cost?

    At Whiteside’s School of Dance, we always try to keep our fees as reasonable as possible. We feel very strongly that dancing should be accessible and affordable for everyone!

    Our fees are charged termly and discounts are available for pupils taking multiple dance classes; we also give a discount for siblings.


    30/35 min classes: £47.50 per term
    40 mins classes: £49.50 per term
    45 mins classes: £51.50 per term

    60 mins classes: £55.00 per term

    – For pupils taking 3 classes: 10% discount
    – For pupils taking 4 classes or more, the 3rd class onwards is charged at £34.00

    We offer a £5 discount for younger siblings per term.

    We offer a scholarship cup at our show to give a term’s free dancing to a talented pupil and in some cases we allow fees to be paid weekly or monthly.

    Please Note:
    Any hardship is sympathetically responded to. It is an aim of the School that no established student should be forced to leave due to a parent’s inability to continue payment of the required fees. If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your child’s fees or require any special arrangements, please get in touch.

  • What Uniform is required?


    All available at Fame of Surrey, 4 Linkfield Corner, Redhill. Phone 01737 779617


    Blue ISTD regulation cotton sleeveless skirted ballet leotard
    Blue long sleeved wrap-around cardigan (optional)
    Pink socks and pink ballet shoes with elastic
    Hair in bun or plaits tied over the head or pink hairband

    Primary, Grade 1:
    Blue ISTD regulation cotton sleeveless skirted ballet leotard
    Blue long sleeved wrap-around cardigan (optional)
    Pink socks and ballet shoes (elastic preferred for lessons)

    Grade 2, 3, 4:
    Blue ISTD regulation ballet leotard as above
    Pink tights and ballet shoes

    Senior students:
    Appropriate ballet clothing, ideally black leotard
    Hair must be in neat bun. Pointe shoes required – optional from grade 4


    Grade 1 & 2:
    Sleeveless ruched leotard and tights in colour of your choice

    From Grade 3:
    Velvet sleeveless leotard with black footless tights and black jazz pants
    Black split sole jazz shoes (optional)

    *Senior Mod/Jazz/Tap:
    Suitable dancewear of your choice. Jazz shoes or dance trainers to be worn for street jazz.
    Tap shoes required for tap


    Our shop for purchasing WSOD clothing is available online.
    You can  view products and buy them directly from the shop.
    You’ll see that on our new hoodies, tshirts etc our logo is now in a larger central front position and there is a choice of having our logo figure in either sparkly rhinestones or plain print. You can also have a name added onto hoodies and t shirts –  you simply mention this in your notes at checkout.
    More items are being added all the time. Onesies, sports leggings, crop tops and more!
    The all important address is:
    Go to their menu button and scroll down to Whiteside’s School of Dance.

    • *This is the ideal clothing for tap and street classes and when we go out to shows/outings, WSOD   hoodies, t shirts and bags are a must!
  • How do I enrol my child?

    So you would like your child to start dance classes?

    We would firstly recommend coming along to try out our classes. The first class is free of charge and will give you a good idea of what to expect when joining our dance school.

    If you have already done this or don’t feel it necessary, then in order to start dance classes, you will need to complete our registration form.

    You can download our registration form by clicking the link below…

    Download our Registration Form by clicking the link below

    Registration Form

    You should also review our Terms & Conditions too – as these are what you agree to when completing the form.

  • What Exams are there?


    Pupils are entered for ISTD exams when they have reached the required standard. These exams are not easy and require a fair amount of practising at home plus extra coaching in the lead up to the exam date.

    We are very proud of our pass rate.

    Over the past six years exam results are as follows:

    BALLET:                                                  MODERN:

    Distinction:  19%                                Distinction:     19%

    Merit:             68%                               Merit:               77%

    Pass:               13%                                Pass:                  4%

    Exams are not compulsory. Some pupils move up to the next grade when they have reached the required standard. This especially applies to girls who have started dancing after the age of 8 years.

    If you require more information about the ISTD examinations please do not hesitate to speak to your class’s teacher.