Progress Plaques 2018

Well done to the following who won progress plaques for hard work and good attendance at the end of the Spring term 2018:

Pre-Primary: V Mravcova

Primary ballet: I Gannon

Grade 1 ballet: A Ellis

Grade 2 ballet: K Van Zyl

Grade 3 ballet: A Lock

Grade 4 ballet: M Burden

Grade 5 ballet: S Black

Grade 1 modern: I Boniface-McGrath

Grade 2 modern: C Freeland

Grade 3 modern: D Coles-Chalmers

Grade 4 modern: M Rogers

Grade 5 modern: O Orsborn

Inter ballet and modern: G Rushby

Contemporary: H Davie

Sen tap: L Archer

Adv tap: S Black

Jun street: I Wallace

Sen street: I Ferguson

Adv street: S Marsh-Baldry


Summer Term 2018:

Pre Primary ballet:            I Hulbert

Primary ballet:                  C Bridges

Grade 1 ballet:                  G Holmwood-Burrows

Grade 2 ballet:                  L Dixon

Grade 3 ballet:                  G Marsh-Baldry

Grade 4 ballet:                  H Reed

Grade 5 ballet:                  S Freeland

Pointe                               S Bridger

Grade 1 modern:               R Nagle

Grade 2 modern:               E Blight

Grade 3 modern:               S Walford

Grade 4 modern:               G Holloway

Grade 5 modern:               H Turner

Contemporary:                  I Swift

Junior Street:                     E O’Neill

Senior Street:                    C Monedero

Advanced Street:               A O’Driscoll



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