Progress Plaques, 2017

Progress Plaques, 2017

Once again, progress plaques were awarded at the end of  term to those who have worked hard and had excellent attendance this term.  Plaques are kept for one term and need to be returned at the penultimate lesson next term.

March 2017:  Well done to:

Pre-Primary ballet:   Eloise Mattock
Primary ballet:           Hannah England
Grade 1 ballet:            Charlie Freeland
Grade 2 ballet:            Georgia Baldry
Grade 3 ballet:            April O’Driscoll
Grade 4 ballet:            Casey Hemsley
Grade 5 ballet:            Sarah Charman
Grade 1 modern:         Amelie Rees
Grade 2 modern:        Aria Alam
Grade 3 modern:         Hannah Reed
Grade 4 modern:         Lorna Flanagan
Grade 5 modern:         Casey Knaggs
Contemporary:             Sarah Charman
Junior tap:                    Kacey McLean
Senior tap:                    Holly Davie
Junior street:               Olivia Brown
Senior street:                Joely Cole
Adv street:                     Charlotte Case-Green

July 2017: Well done to:

Pre Primary ballet:           O Edwards
Primary ballet:                  C Greenfield
Grade 1 ballet:                  P Black
Grade 2 ballet:                  E O’Neill
Grade 3 ballet:                  M Luckett
Grade 4 ballet:                  S Freeland
Grade 5 ballet:                  H Jones
Grade 1 modern:               L Bibby
Grade 2 modern:               A Lock
Grade 3 modern:               A Snow
Grade 4 modern:               Z Skuse
Contemporary:                 N Walker
Junior Street:                    R O’Driscoll
Senior Street:                    A Corby
Advanced Street:              K Drabble
Junior Tap:                       A Rees
Senior Tap:                       O Orsborn
Adv Tap:                            S Black

December 2017: Well done to:

Pre-Primary Ballet      E Greenhall
Primary Ballet             L England
Grade 1 Ballet             L Munday
Grade 2 Ballet             L Verrall
Grade 3 Ballet             S Bridger
Grade 4 Ballet             H Davie
Grade 1 Modern          E Graham
Grade 2 Modern          S Crowley
Grade 3 Modern          G Holloway
Grade 4 Modern          H Davie
Junior Street                L Bunting
Senior Street               H Davie
Adv Street                   K Drabble



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