Progress Plaques, 2016

Progress Plaques, 2016

Successful terms at WSOD.  Progress plaques were awarded termly for hard work and commitment.

Spring Term 2016:

Nursery ballet:  T Butler

Pre-Primary ballet:  C Wenban-Lish

Primary ballet:  X Xie

Grade 1 ballet: E Blight

Grade 1 ballet (exam class): G Drabble

Grade 2 ballet (exam class): S Collinson

Grade 3 ballet (exam class):  Z Skuse

Grade 4 ballet (exam class): G Rushby

Grade 4 ballet:  A King

Contemporary:  N Walker

Grade 1 modern:  F Millroy

Grade 2 modern:  S Walford

Grade 3 modern:  M Burden

Grade 4 modern:  S Black

Grade 5 modern:  J Belford

Summer Term 2016:

Nursery ballet:  B McLean

Pre Primary ballet:  A Phillips

Primary ballet:  L Maraner

Grade 1 ballet:  E Bicknell

Grade 2 ballet:  K Embleton

Grade 3 ballet:  H Reed

Grade 4 ballet:  A Corby

Grade 5 ballet:  K Drabble and G Rushby

Grade 1 modern:  L Dixon

Grade 2 modern:  S Crowley

Grade 3 modern:  C Monedero

Grade 4 modern:  H Davie

Grade 5 modern:  H Jones

Contemporary:  L Porter

Junior Street:  Will Jay

Senior Street:  I Knight

Advanced Street:  G Rushby


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