Exam Results, ISTD modern, 2015

A great set of exam results – well done to everyone.

Grade 1
Laila Verrall Merit
Gracie Drabble Merit
Samantha Crowley Merit
Sarah Walford Distinction
Emily Kennedy Distinction

Grade 2
Madison Burden Merit
Joely Cole Merit
Amy Lee Merit
Emily Graziano Merit
Carmen Monedero Merit
Maya Rogers Merit
Hannah Reed Merit
Mary Luckett Merit
Grace Holloway Merit
Georgia Pollard Merit

Grade 3
Sophie Freeland Merit
Samantha Black Merit
Amelia Corby Pass
Casey Hemsley Merit

Grade 4
Georgia Rushby Merit
Kyra Drabble Merit
Hannah Jones Merit
Casey Knaggs Merit

Grade 5
Jessica Blackmore Merit
Lily Porter Merit


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