Progress Plaque winners, Autumn Term 2013

As usual, girls who have made good progress throughout the term were awarded progress plaques and a certificate at the last lesson. Progress plaques are kept for a whole term. Very well done to all those who received one.

With parents, grandparents and friends all watching the last lesson, it is always a highlight to receive a Progress Plaque & certificate! These plaques are awarded for progress, along with good attendance and dedication to dance for the term. They are not always awarded to all classes so it really is an achievement to be given one.

The winners for the autumn term 2013 are as follows:

Pre-primary ballet: E Bicknell

Primary ballet: L Bibby

Grade 1 ballet: A Sheeran / E Lane

Grade 2 ballet: M Bradshaw

Grade 3 ballet: S Charman

Grade 1 modern: S Walford / I Turnwell

Grade 2 modern: S Freeland

Grade 3 modern: C Case-Green

Inter ballet /  Inter modern: B Michell

Junior tap: H Davie

Senior tap: B Westlake

Senior street: H Jones / K Drabble

Well done to all those who received a progress plaque – you keep it for a whole term.


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