Open day Show 1998, Dance 2000 in 1999 and Open Day Show 2001

When Sarah took over the school in 1997 she had about 50 pupils at the most and the oldest were in grade 3 (about 13/14 years old.)

It was quickly agreed that a show should be put together to show off what we could do and in April 1998 parents and friends were packed into the Centenary Hall for our first ‘open day show’ and demonstration. We even had a couple of simple costumes for the older pupils.

DANCE 2000: To celebrate the millennium, in December 1999 we had a little costumed show at the Regent Hall, Albert Road, Horley.  A small stage, which limited what we could do, but it was extremely enjoyable. ‘Down on the farm’ involved all the junior school with farmers taking care of their piglets, chickens and horses!

It was a wonderful opportunity for the senior school to start showing off what they were capable of. Some of the dances were later taken to the East Grinstead festival where the they received merits.

There was one more Open Day Show, in 2001, but the school was enlarging quickly and we knew the time was coming to start booking a proper theatre. It will be the Harlequin, Redhill, next time for us! Exciting times!

We only have a handful of photos from those far off days! If any former pupils have photos they could send us we would be more than grateful!


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